In 1946, the People’s Republic of Bulgaria was established. In 1989 the communist Secretary General Todor Shivkov was overthrown, and democracy began to develop. Up to 1978 the catholic church was suppressed massively; afterwards slight improvements took place.

After World War II these pastors cared for the little catholic flock:

Nicopoli: 1947 – 1952 Bishop Eugen Bossilkoff, C. P.

Nicopoli: 1975 – 1977 Bishop Vasco Séirécov

Sofia e Plovdiv: 1942 – 1953 Ap. Vicar Bp. Ioan Romanoff

Sofia e Plovdiv: 1965 – 1974 Administrator Bp. Simeon Kokov, O. F. M. Cap.

Sofia e Plovdiv: 1975 – 1983 Ap. Vicar Bp. Bogdan Stefanov Dobranov, 1979 Bishop

Sofia e Plovdiv: 1988 – 1995 Administrator Bp. Gheorghi Ivanov Jovcev

Sofia of the byzantinian Rite: 1941 – 1951 Exarch Bp. Ioan Garufaloff

Sofia of the byzantinian Rite: 1951 – 1971 Exarch Bp. Kyril Kurteff

Sofia of the byzantinian Rite: 1963 – 1971 Coadjutor Bp. Metodi Dimitrov Stratiev, 1971 Exarch

Bl. Bishop Eugen Bossilkoff, C. P.

In 1952, Bishop Bossilkoff of Nicopoli was imprisoned and executed immediately without public knowledge of his death. For a while there was a false rumour that he lived in a gulag somewhere in Sibiria. Pope John Paul II beatified this martyr. Bishop Romanoff, Apostolic Vicar of Sofia and Plovdiv, died in prison.

Secret Bishop Consecrations by Mgr. Kyrill Kurteff, united Exarch of Sofia:

08.11.59 Bogdan Stefanov Dobranov, Latin Bishop in Sofia, + 04.10.83

04.12.60 Simeon Kokov, Latin Bishop in Sofia, + 11.07.74

Bishops Kokov and Dobranov were consecrated secretely. Only years later they were allowed to practise some episcopal functions. Simeon Kokov was consecrated on December 4, 1960, two years after his appointment as titular bishop of Batne, by bishop Kyril Kurteff, Apostolic Exarch for the byzantine rite, and Bogdan Stefanov Dobranov, titular bishop of Giufi, consecrated on November 8, 1959, by the same bishop Kurteff in Plovdiv cathedral S. Ludovici Regis, started to work as Apostolic Administrator of Sofia and Plovdiv only in 1962 without somebody knowing of his episcopal dignity.

Bishop Bogdan Stefanov Dobranov
Bishop Simeon Kokov
Bishop Vasco Séirécov