The Apostolic Succession

Welcome! These informations offer you an overview to the structures of the Holy Roman Church and its cardinals, archbishops, bishops, auxiliary bishops in the dioceses of the world as well as the prefects, presidents, secretaries of the curia since 1824.

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Nominations 2024

Necrology 2024

Here you can find the circumscriptions of the Church and their dignitaries since 1825 in . . .

Index of Countries (Alphabetical Order)

Africa 1 (Egypt – Madagascar)

Africa 2 (Malawi – Central Africa)

North America 1 (Bahamas – Saint-Pierre)

North America 2 (USA, Albany – Newark)

North America 3 (USA, New Orleans – Youngstown)

Central America

South America 1 (Argentine – Brazil, Eunápolis)

South America 2 (Brazil, Feira de Santana – Zé Doca)

South America 3 (Chile – Columbia)

South America 4 (Paraguay – Venezuela)

Asia 1 (Afghanistan – China)

Asia 2 (India – Jordan)

Asia 3 (Cambodia – Philippines)

Asia 4 (Russia – Cyprus)

Europe 1 (Albania – Finland)

Europe 2 (France)

Europe 3 (Georgia – Iceland)

Europe 4 (Italy, Acerenza – Cosenza)

Europe 5 (Italy, Crema – Muro Lucano)

Europe 6 (Italy, Napoli – San Severino)

Europe 7 (Italy, San Severo – Volterra)

Europe 8 (Kosovo – Austria)

Europe 9 (Poland)

Europe 10 (Portugal – Slovakia)

Europe 11 (Slovenia – Hungary)


Titular Sees A

Titular Sees B

Titular Sees C

Titular Sees D – E

Titular Sees F – K

Titular Sees L – M

Titular Sees N – O

Titular Sees P – R

Titular Sees S

Titular Sees T

Titular Sees U – Z

Synod and Bishop’s Conferences

The Holy See

Roman Curia 1 (Secretariate of State and Dicasteries)

Roman Curia 2 (Tribunals and Commissions)

Nunciatures and Delegations

Diplomats of the Holy See, A – B

Diplomats of the Holy See, C

Diplomats of the Holy See, D – F

Diplomats of the Holy See, G – L

Diplomats of the Holy See, M

Diplomats of the Holy See, N – Q

Diplomats of the Holy See, R – So

Diplomats of the Holy See, Sp – Z

Diplomatic Corps

The Papal State

College of Cardinals

Titular Churches

The next Conclave

The 2013 Conclave

The 2005 Conclave

The 1978 Conclaves

The 1963 Conclave

The 1958 Conclave

The 1939 Conclave

The 1922 Conclave

The 1914 Conclave

The 1903 Conclave

The 1878 Conclave

The 1846 Conclave

The 1830/1831 Conclave

The 1829 Conclave

The 1823 Conclave

Statistics of the College of Cardinals

The Consistories of the 21. Century

The Consistories of the 20. Century

The Consistories of the 19. Century

Saints, Blessed and Servants of God with Bishop’s Rank

The Clandestine Hierarchy

The Length of the Pontificates of the Supreme Pontiffs

Nominations and Necrologies (1820/1821 – 2024)

Statistics of the College of Bishops

Geographical Survey (Continents, Countries and Dioceses)

Geographical Survey 2000

Geographical Survey 1950

Geographical Survey 1900

Geographical Survey 1850


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